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Club Selection

This is one of the most critical aspects of playing your best golf.  Over the past twenty three years of teaching golf the most common mistake recreational golfers make is not taking enough club to reach the green.


The average golfer needs to consider a few factors before selecting a club.  The first is striking the ball solidly.  The pros hit the ball on the sweet spot most of the time and therefore they have good distance control.  Mid and high handicap golfers have to plan for some off center hits.  That alone would require selecting a longer club.  Other factors are slope.  That is taking more club for uphill shots and uphill lies.  The elements are factors like wind and temperature.  Hitting into the wind may require two extra clubs.  Cold temperatures makes the ball travel shorter so taking two extra clubs is a must.  The bottom line is that studies have concluded that most recreational golfers don’t get the ball to the hole or even to the green.  Next time you are playing keep a log on balls reaching the green, then hole high and over the green.  You may be surprised at what you record.  If you think you can reach with a seven iron take an extra club or two and make sure that you do get there.  Start to play with the elements in mind and select realistic clubs to reach the green.
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