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Bob Affelder PGA Pro

The Bump and Run

The bump and run is used around the green with an 8, 7, or 6 iron.  Sometimes we will find ourselves off of the green and on the short side of the flag.  That is to say that we have a mound to traverse and very little green before the pin to stop the ball.  Simply, a wedge shot over the mound will not end up close to the hole and it’s too risky for the mid to high handicap golfer to pull off the flop shot.  To play this shot take a mid-iron and chip the ball into the upslope, so that it will bounce up to the top of the mound and roll down the slope towards the flag.  The hill kills the shot and allows you to get it closer than most wedge shots.  This shot requires practice to determine the proper club selection, spot to land the ball, and the force of the stroke.  Practice this reliable smart shot and you’ll turn double and triple bogeys into pars and bogeys.

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