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Bob Affelder PGA Pro

Putting Practice Drill

Sometimes we feel like our putting stroke is smooth, our mechanics are good and yet the ball doesn’t seem to find the hole.  We simply miss putts because of lack of confidence.  It’s during these periods that the cup seems very small and inaccessible.  In order to make putts we need confidence and to gain confidence we must make putts.  It is kind of a catch 22.  To get some positive vibes, I like to practice putt with a tennis ball.  I take a tennis ball and a golf ball to the putting green.  First, I’ll putt the tennis ball until I can sink five 3-footers in a row.  Then I putt a golf ball from the same distance.  All of a sudden, the golf ball appears to be a marble and the hole looks like a bucket.  I like to repeat this drill several times.  Often times it’s not our mechanics, but our mind and we need drills of this sort to trick ourselves into believing that we are good again.

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