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Bob Affelder PGA Pro

Playing the Odds

Make a promise to yourself in the new year.  Play the percentage shot.  If you are like most golfers you love the driver.  The average golfer plays this club off of all par fours and par fives.  The problem with this is that most golfers don’t use the proper driver.  Did you know that to hit a driver further than a three wood one must generate enough club head speed to carry a ball 180 yards?  That’s nearly two football field in the air!  If you don’t carry the ball that far then I suggest purchasing a lofted tee off club.  A 12, 13 or 14 degree club would make you more consistent.  You can now buy these lofted clubs in 460 cc size heads which resemble drivers and make it easier to hit.  The extra loft puts more spin on the ball and that’s what keeps the ball in the fairway more often.


If you don’t want to purchase a new tee off club or you are a long hitter, than “play the odds” and use a three wood off of most par fours and fives.  The time to hit a driver is on wide open holes with some room for error and also on some par fives.  Par fives may give you a chance to try a big drive and if it doesn’t work out you can still advance the ball down the fairway and have a third shot to the green.  On tight par fives or long ones that you can’t reach in two, a three wood is a smarter shot.  Some tight or short holes may require a five wood or hybrid club off the tee.  Select tee off clubs this year that put the ball in play and take risks only when you have some margin for mistakes or it’s really worth the gamble.

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