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Bob Affelder PGA Pro

Playing from the Rough

Many mid and high handicap golfers have difficulty playing from the rough because they select the wrong club.  The students that I have taught tend to choose long irons from the rough simply because they have over 150 yards to the green.  The lie of the ball should determine the proper club selection.  If the lie is poor, a short iron should be used.  Play the ball back in your stance and position your hands forward of the ball at address.  A short iron allows you to make a more upright swing.  An upright swing helps you hit down on the ball.  In contrast, a long iron creates too circular a swing which gets the club stuck in the grass.  If the lie of the ball is medium to sitting up, a high lofted wood like a 5, 7 or 9 may extricate you from the rough.  A high, lofted wood has a wider, flatter, less sharp edge that allows the club to slide through the grass.  Next time you’re in the rough, check the lie and then make your plan.  Select a short iron for bad lies and a high, lofted wood for better ones.

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