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Bob Affelder PGA Pro

Fall Golf

Fall is my favorite time of the year to golf.  Golf courses are typically in the best shape all year.  The cool nights and warm days make for ideal growing conditions.  Not to mention the magnificent foliage.  Here are a few tips to make your fall golf more fun and productive.  First, pack a few extra items in your bag.  A wooly cap and cart gloves can help take the chill off a cool start or late finish to a fall round of golf.  Next, dress in layers with a long sleeve undershirt or turtle neck under your golf shirt.  A sweater or wind jacket is a must to take along.  The beauty of layers is that you can peel them off as it warms and replace them later in the round.  If possible, walking is warmer than riding in carts.  If you use a cart, trade walking and riding every other hole with your partner.  The night before you plan to golf, make certain to take your clubs and gear inside.  It’s not fun to step into cold shoes or grip cold clubs.  Also, put your golf balls on your dashboard on the way to the course.  A heated ball travels much longer than trunk temperature ones.  If you think ahead you’ll have an even better fall experience.  I can’t wait for some fall golf with good friends and a hot toddy after the round.

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