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Bob Affelder PGA Pro

The Stance

The stance taken by a golfer should be athletic and lively.  A wider stance should be adopted for longer clubs.  This provides the stability and traction for a longer swing.  A narrow stance for short irons helps reduce some body motion to ensure accuracy.  It is important to have the correct amount of knee bend.  To achieve this, tilt from your hips and keeps your back straight.  This is similar to taking a bow after a great performance.  From this position bend your knees a little to let the “air” out.  A straight back with your chin up and your butt out is the best posture to allow your arms to hang down naturally.  Good posture also makes it easier to stay level during your golf swing.  Practice this posture until you can repeat it without thought.  Watch Tiger and Annika stand to the ball.  They look solid, powerful and as though they are going to make an athletic swing each time.

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